Friday, January 1, 2010

Seamstresseries Are Under Way

A successful trip to McKay Books this afternoon equipped me with this handy treasure. Flipping through, I was glad to realize that a lot of the techniques and tricks illustrated in this book are things I've already been putting into practice with my sewing projects. It also has an extensive list of useful materials, descriptions about different fabric types and how they work, what colors, fabrics and styles are good for different sizes of clothing, illustrations on how to correct an incorrectly fitting garment, etc. And the section in the back about "stylish" 1970s ways to decorate the rooms in your house were (wow) shall we say at the least - entertaining.

Anyway from the book so far I took away this tip: If you're going to be making clothes, buy Pinking Shears:
The blades are shaped to cut a jagged pattern on the edge of the fabric, which helps prevent fraying. I had to buy a pair - $10 at Hobby Lobby. I'm curious to see how well they work on fabrics that have been notorious for shedding.

Shop Update:
I'm in the process of preparing 5 garments I've already created, to sell in my shop soon. They'll be available after my new dress form and fun clothing tags come in, so I can photograph and tag them! I'm so excited!

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