Thursday, September 23, 2010

Men Can Wear •m• Too!

One•little•m is officially not just for ladytypes!

I'm really excited to open the men's section with a great new item, a fully customizable western-style shirt. I made this one for my dear husband who is very much into space and rockets. It features hand-embroidered designs on the chest and back yoke, contrasting piping along the edges and pearl snap buttons... and it looks so handsome on him!

This was my first project for trying embroidery, piping and pearl snapping.. the latter to which I discovered the great usefulness of using this tool, because snapping isn't as quick and easy as it seems! Must. have. tools. I say, it's fun acquiring new tools though. Improves efficiency.

See more info about this guy here.

I have to say there's a real delight in being able to offer men's clothing (particularly this item with it's illustrational possibilities because it's so fun!) but it gives me an edge to appeal to menfolks, which I enjoy because I, yes, used to be a tomboy desiring to be thought "cool" by boytypes. So I hope that being able to offer this and other men's attire in the future will change the "only for women" notion about my shop, and to now provide opportunity to connect with all people - and I like that balance.