Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Etsy Seller Package and Business Card Design

I have an incredibly overflowing desire to just design stuff sometimes.. cute ideas, interesting logo designs, unique little layouts that make me go "oo, I want to use that for something!"

In my experience as a buyer on Etsy, I've come across many, many a shop who have, let's face it, a very ugly shop banner (like Microsoft Word clipart 2.0). This is the first thing you see when you click on "shop"and it's the first impression you're giving to your customer! About 7 times out of 10, I will neglect to even look at the products in a shop with an ugly banner. I think many people don't realize how much visual appeal actually helps to market your stuff for you. Ignoring that fact may result in fewer sales and fewer visitors to your shop.

And so, I decided to offer my services to help folks have the opportunity to improve their store front, to gain more customers and hopefully gain more sales. I'm going to add an Etsy Seller Package as an item for purchase in my shop. This listing is for those creatives selling on Etsy who are really serious about presenting their business and their wares in a very professional manner.

The package includes: a shop banner, a sale banner, an away banner, an avatar, a reserved listing graphic, a thank you graphic for feedback, and 100 printed business cards.

The designs shown are samples of my design style. I'll encourage Etsy sellers to make custom orders so the materials they order are theirs alone. (The watermark will not be present on the actual order, of course).

For those folks who don't own an Etsy shop but have some endeavor for which they may consider business cards for, I'm open to custom requests for that too, definitely!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Idea: Petal Scarflette

I put together a little mock up of a scarflette idea (that I'm calling a Petal Scarflette) and I want to ask your opinion about it. It very much is just a test version in these photos. The end pockets through a little tab like on a tie in the back. The tab is a piece of thick ribbon in this mock up.

I think it'd be cute in various print fabrics, and maybe with a little button or couple buttons on the over-flap. Opinions? Think anyone would buy one? It's warm ;•)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Note of Dedication

Every project I do for someone, whether very large or very small, I often get "wow thanks for turning this around so quickly!!" Which makes me think that other people they've worked with may not have been so reliable; that somehow (even in the professional world) the "norm" is long project timelines, waiting and waiting for responses, and being out of contact... or something! I've had my experience with people who work that way. It is frustrating, especially if you're paying them money. It's also very unprofessional.

Since I know what the receiving end of that situation is like, I've made it a goal to be almost overly-dedicated to each individual project to the best of my ability. Aside from Maslow's heirarchy of human needs, my service to you is pretty much top priority. And I think the customer deserves that.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Clothing Shop Grand Opening!

I'm excited to announce that the clothing section of my shop has officially opened! I decided to post all new "for sales" up on this blog or to the Facebook fan page first before putting them in my shop on etsy, so all the wonderful folks I know can have first view...

Deco Wrap Around Skirt - $35

Comfortable yet classy cotton wrap-around skirt with art deco styled black and white pattern. Waistline ties at the right side when worn. Fits a variety of sizes. Machine wash cold / tumble dry low, requires ironing.
Waist: 24”-35” Hip: free Waist to Hem: 27”

Green Tea Skirt - $27.99

This lightweight broadcloth skirt with flat front pockets is great for a hot summer day. Pockets are edged with embossed floral design ribbon. Skirt is unlined and zips up the back with double snap closure at waist. Machine wash cold / tumble dry low, requires ironing.
Waist: 25”-26” Hip: free Waist to Hem: 26”

Lovely Lavender Mini - $49.99

Show off your fun and youthful vintage appeal in this lavender cotton mini-length dress. It has a snap-on belt, covered buttons at the shoulders and belt and gathered sleeves at the shoulders. Dress is unlined and zips up the back. Machine wash cold / tumble dry low, requires ironing.
Bust: 34”-35” Waist: 28”-29” Hip: 36” Waist to Hem: 16.5” Sleeves: 7.5”

Navy Winter Dress - $65.99

I don’t know about you, but I never want to dress up when it’s too cold out. Thankfully I made this cute dress lined with flannel to wear with warm stockings on such days. This vintage appeal navy dress has a snap-on belt, cute red buttons at the shoulders and belt and gathered sleeves at the shoulders. Dress is lined with a playful “bunnies” flannel to keep you very warm on those chilly winter days. Zips up the back. Machine wash cold / tumble dry low, requires ironing.
Bust: 34” Waist: 25” Hip: 34-35” Waist to Hem: 25” Sleeves: 21”

Viridian Tea Dress - $95

I love this dress. It’s actually made from a light teal curtain I found somewhere, lined with cream-colored lightweight linen. It has a darling sweetheart neckline, puckered under-bust and very fitted waist. The back zips up to the bust line, and is open at the shoulder blades with a hook at the neck. Hem is trimmed with a striped organza ribbon. Too cute! Best dry cleaned.
Bust: 33” Waist: 25” Hip: 34.5”

Friday, January 15, 2010

First Custom Dress Request

My twin sister is ordering a custom dress, thanks sis! She's a huge fan of the vintage appeal, as am I (go figure, we're twins), so we came up with some details and I made this sketch for her request. A note, fabric.com has great prices on fabrics and etcetera; shipping is decent as well. That's huge for me since Chattanooga only has Hancock and Hobby Lobby, who don't always have a lot of variety *missing Joann Fabrics right now*. Anyway I'm looking forward to starting this project. It'll be quite cute.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Little Preview!

I thought I would share a clothing preview before I post the items that will be for sale.

Teal Tux Dress
This dress was my first real on-my-own dress sewing project. I started it about 5 years ago, from the same basic pattern my mom and I used to make my high school prom dress. I used a light weight teal linen for a more casual look, lined it for support and left out the crinoliney under skirt bits. The small front pockets were an addition to the original pattern.

Looking at it now, it becomes obvious the multitude of things I've learned in the past 5 years about dressmaking and fitting. The bust was a bit bunchy, so I decided to make it interesting with the little tuxedo shirt treatment I did on the front with wide satin ribbon. I thought the little white pearly buttons were a nice touch as well.

It's always nice to sort of recycle old projects into new and better versions. This dress is not for sale, as I have personal connections with it being my first project, and being the one I wore to my bridal shower :0)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

•m• Clothing Tags!

My clothing tags are on their way! I'm so excited.. it's like legit! WorldWideLabel appears to have done a great job, too. I'm looking forward to sewing them into my clothing and having a "brand". My new dress form came in the other day as well so I was able to photograph my first few shop items, coming soon! (as soon as the tags arrive and I get them sewn in, that is).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gems Of Creativity

Have you ever gotten a new toy for Christmas and had not been able to get the fun you have with it out of your mind while you're sleeping or at school (in the scenario of childhood) all day? I definitely have.. Legos! But this post isn't about Legos.

As adults, often times we have a more difficult time finding those "gems" of creative thinking to occupy our idle mind with, in between busy and sometimes wearying daily tasks. I think as people driven by insight, we need those little personally gratifying moments of 'wow look what I've created for myself.. something to do!'

My gem of creativity is planning new projects... what next to design, paint or sew... and I am really enjoying that I've given myself those 3 areas. If I become bored with one I can just move to another and never interrupt my desire to be thinking. I think about them when I'm falling asleep, looking out a window or during my long drives home from work.

Today I'm thinking about how design for clothing is basically a 3D puzzle, but one that changes according to body shape, body size, clothing shapes, clothing styles and fabric types. There certainly are a lot of things to consider. Once the technical stuff is hashed out, the creative and decorative stuff is really fun... IF you get the technical stuff right! I like the challenge.

I kinda wish I had a play sewing machine when I was little. I'm sure I could have come up with some wild projects.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Seamstresseries Are Under Way

A successful trip to McKay Books this afternoon equipped me with this handy treasure. Flipping through, I was glad to realize that a lot of the techniques and tricks illustrated in this book are things I've already been putting into practice with my sewing projects. It also has an extensive list of useful materials, descriptions about different fabric types and how they work, what colors, fabrics and styles are good for different sizes of clothing, illustrations on how to correct an incorrectly fitting garment, etc. And the section in the back about "stylish" 1970s ways to decorate the rooms in your house were (wow) shall we say at the least - entertaining.

Anyway from the book so far I took away this tip: If you're going to be making clothes, buy Pinking Shears:
The blades are shaped to cut a jagged pattern on the edge of the fabric, which helps prevent fraying. I had to buy a pair - $10 at Hobby Lobby. I'm curious to see how well they work on fabrics that have been notorious for shedding.

Shop Update:
I'm in the process of preparing 5 garments I've already created, to sell in my shop soon. They'll be available after my new dress form and fun clothing tags come in, so I can photograph and tag them! I'm so excited!