Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gems Of Creativity

Have you ever gotten a new toy for Christmas and had not been able to get the fun you have with it out of your mind while you're sleeping or at school (in the scenario of childhood) all day? I definitely have.. Legos! But this post isn't about Legos.

As adults, often times we have a more difficult time finding those "gems" of creative thinking to occupy our idle mind with, in between busy and sometimes wearying daily tasks. I think as people driven by insight, we need those little personally gratifying moments of 'wow look what I've created for myself.. something to do!'

My gem of creativity is planning new projects... what next to design, paint or sew... and I am really enjoying that I've given myself those 3 areas. If I become bored with one I can just move to another and never interrupt my desire to be thinking. I think about them when I'm falling asleep, looking out a window or during my long drives home from work.

Today I'm thinking about how design for clothing is basically a 3D puzzle, but one that changes according to body shape, body size, clothing shapes, clothing styles and fabric types. There certainly are a lot of things to consider. Once the technical stuff is hashed out, the creative and decorative stuff is really fun... IF you get the technical stuff right! I like the challenge.

I kinda wish I had a play sewing machine when I was little. I'm sure I could have come up with some wild projects.

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