Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Items To Come!

My goodness have I been busy lately! Busy-ness is the best motivation I say.

Anyway I'd like to update you on some upcoming additions to my shop! (Check out the new gallery here.) I'm pretty excited about this. I'm waiting until I have a lull in orders to be able to manufacture my ideas so you can look at them.

There will be 3 new sections added to the Clothing category (although not all of these items are necessarily clothing). I've already discussed "Famous, But Yours!", so the other new categories include:

Men's Fashion
• Western-style shirts with custom
embroidered illustrations on the yoke
• Jackets, vests, pants, etc.
• Neck Ties

• vintage styled aprons
• floral brooch pins
• hair accessories
• appliance covers (like Kitchenaid Mixers!)
• pin cushions
• other fun little things I haven't thought of yet...

Of course, these are all just ideas at the moment. But I figured I'd share my list in case anyone is interested in any of them... since actually having an order would definitely get me going on it sooner!