Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Make Zigzag Buttonholes Easy Cheesy!

I just finished the cutest little blouse last night, and got pretty excited about the cool embroidery designs on it, too. Looks like my simple Singer has a few tricks up its' gears! Or I've become a tad more "skilled". Of course I'm always learning new things, which is what I'd like to share in this post... and EASY WAY TO MAKE BUTTONHOLES - yay! .... Read on >
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I've always been a tad intimidated by button holes.. assuming they're too hard to sew correctly or too weird to align the holes with the buttons between two panels of fabric. However! I learned how to make Zigzag Stitch Button Holes with my Galabera Blouse project.. so here's how you make'em:

• 1 • Start by setting your machine to ZIG ZAG stitch... which on regular settings might look like this:

The knobs on your machine determine the stitch length and the stitch width (in the case of the zig zag setting). If you adjust the stitch width to 2, then your zig zag looks more like this (which will be the long edges of your button hole) :

If you set the width to 5 and the length to 0, you'll create a bar stitch. With the length at 0, it creates a back and forth stitch that stitches on top of itself, which will create perfectly secure ends for the button hole.

• 2 • Mark your fabric carefully for where you want the hole to be (use pencil or fabric chalk.. something that will wash out or steam off easily, and make sure the hole-edge markings are aligned straight with the edge of the fabric). I made my holes about 1/8" wider than the width of the button I used. They could be vertical or horizontal, but vertical is easier to button in the end.

• 3 • Stitch your button hole as shown below, following the steps and turning your fabric at each corner. Keep an eye on your markings so you make your holes the same size for each.

• 4 • Slash the fabric inside the button holes with scissors, and sew your buttons to the other side of fabric, matching up to where your buttonholes are.


I hope this helps anyone who has had troubles with buttons!

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