Friday, June 4, 2010

Shopping for Clothing These Days!

Does anyone else have the problem I seem to be having while shopping at the mall and other clothing stores lately? The ones I used to go to rarely carry anything of interest anymore... maybe it's because I've aged, but I doubt it! I still wear the cute things I bought from those exact stores years ago, and they are still cute compared to what they sell now. Perhaps the bar I set for style is higher than it once was?

In my experience, there seems to be a cheapening of quality, and a sort of style blandness in stores like Forever21, Old Navy, Gap and Target even. I was shopping for a hoodie to replace one I lost (at the mall ironically) and found a cute one online at Old Navy - tried it on in-store and was disappointed to find it was way too long on me. True that I'm only 5', but looked like a sack!

I have to caption this with: The only person who could pull off a potato sack dress OF COURSE would be Marilyn Monroe, ha.

There is however the occasional rare and interesting find, if it even fits right. Usually I find interesting things online at Anthropologie and I do a lot of clothing project research at Modcloth, two stores that actually do have very cute selections sprinkled about uninteresting ones... but not for very cute prices! $278.00 for a simple dress that you have to dry clean?? Perhaps not.

Chain-store clothing seems less and less suitable to my individual style, and I wonder if other stylish people have also found this to be true. I'm curious about the buying habits of you clothing shoppers. I personally want to buy cheap and get great lasting quality in a style no one else has. That criteria is a very rare flower, it seems.

• How do you shop for clothing?
• Is style, price or quality most important and why?
• Do you find things in stores and say 'I love this but if only it had this or didn't have that on it?'
• Do you come up with ideas for the perfect garment, but can never find it in any store?
• What do you look for that doesn't seem to exist?

I'd love to hear your input :•)

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  1. I love to window shop online, but usually I end up actually buying clothes only when they're on sale, and mostly plain ones nowadays. And we don't buy very many clothes at all as it is.
    The main things I look for now are things that would be compatible for nursing, since that became such a huge part of my life when I had my daughter! There is nothing cute that works for nursing really.
    Quality is most important to me but I usually have to sacrifice that for price. I like to have unique things as well, so every once in a while I can get that one handmade item on etsy (just bought my first very expensive clothing item there not too long ago, a sweater that cost me, with shipping, over $100. *sigh* Tax return gift).