Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Famous Clothing Item Re-Makes by •m•

I've been thinking about starting a line of famous clothing item remakes to sell in the shop. I've often found myself pining over wonderfully lovely fashions worn by actresses... and I'm sure a lot of other women do, too.. wishing they could wear such a delight to get all the heads turning.

So I'm planning to do some studies, prototypes and pattern-making for fashionable garments - some inspired by actresses and film, and others being as close a re-make as my little hands can manage.

I don't know about you, but I would certainly love to don Audrey Hepburn's black "Tiffany's" dress. Definitely something every girl would love to own and to show off at fancy occasions, and maybe a shorter-skirted option for less formal wearability.

Some of the clothing styles from Star Wars would also be a very interesting project to take on. I love the olive and lavender combination on this hooded piece worn by Natalie Portman as Padme. No one really wears cloaks these days, but a daily-wearable version of this would be quite interesting I think. The built-in brooch is a nice touch too.

- Oh!! -

I just remembered that I already made a sketch for a costume-inspired dress I'd like to test out! It's the dress "little Alice" wears in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.. the one the Mad Hatter makes for her when she shrinks to her smallest size. It took a lot of image researching to find good stills from the movie of her dress details, but after doing so and making sketches, I think this dress would be quite cute on a variety of body types:
(might need to click image to view up-close)

Yes, this needs to happen for sure.

I'm going to call the line Famous, But Yours! And I've already done up some logo versions.. I'd love to hear your input! I'm leaning toward the red since it matches the main logo, but I didn't want to ignore the option of looking at a different color:


  1. If you ever feel like taking on a design inspired by Rosemary Clooney's black nightclub dress from White Christmas... I'll be a guaranteed buyer!

    Or even the one from Mandy.

    Ok, any of them!

  2. Oh boy.. noted, NO-TED! That's a gorgeous dress!