Monday, January 17, 2011

Evening Solace Gown

Just finished this little number last night to wear to a friend's wedding in March. I really love it! The colors are very bold, and the bodice is made of an interesting paisley patterned mocha and turquoise brocade. I've recently been inspired by brocades very much. Check out some more fabrics that I've found to offer for custom orders from one•little•m!

I would not call myself an expert seamstress just yet, as I still make mistakes from time to time, but this one turned out really, really well. I feel like I made a lot of headway with it as far as my skill level. I'll be especially excited to wear this one.

Also the title of this dress is the title of a Charlotte Bronte poem. The colors reminded me of the 1800s era, as well as the ornate nature of the bodice.. and there's an unexplainable something about it that reminded me of Bronte and of poetry.

Evening Solace Gown
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