Sunday, November 21, 2010

Purse de Leon

I'm really excited to introduce a new item this week. I personally have the pickiest taste in hand bags, and lately stores seem to be stocking more and more shapeless, over-sized and bottomless pit type styles that really don't compliment my style or function at all.

I needed something that stays completely out of my way when worn, but also is easy to access. I'm an active person, and I can't stand shoulder bags that fall in front of me when I lean over, so across the chest slings are a must!

Introducing Purse de Leon! Named after the explorer, yes, because I felt this style is really great for active, traveler/adventure type folks. It's also a rather practical style featuring 2 large outer pockets, one that buttons for securing items safely, the other with no button for papers, and ease-of-access type items. The straight side has a zipper enclosure and the interior is fully lined with a velcro-shut pocket. It can be worn across the chest or just over the shoulder.

The fabric is a very heavy and durable brocade on the one displayed here, which I would suggest for any custom orders of this bag as it will weather very well, and is also washable.

Purse de Leon - in Sage Brocade
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