Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Selling Locally (!)

This place is my next achievable goal :•) Leo Handmade Gallery is located at 22 Frazier Ave, downtown Chattanooga, TN. I am extremely excited to have learned about them and how they work with local artists... and I've never done this before! so I'm excited about this new scene, making connections with people, and what it may mean for my little business.

I contacted one of the owners, Bridget, who gave me some basic info about being a seller with Leo. I'll have to work hard on getting more products completed before bringing them in to sell, and making an appointment with her, but working hard is what I do best! She also commented on my current shop items and said they'd do really well at Leo (particularly the Lovely Lavender Mini and the Pretty Picnic Dress). I'm very encouraged. I think wearables will do better selling in a brick and mortar shop than online where people can't touch and experience them.

I've got some cute ideas for more clothing to make for Leo. In the meantime, I've designed my clothing labels. These will be the little card tags that will have price and size info on the backside. I'm thinking of finding some nice thin red ribbon and red safety pins to affix to the outside of each item. I have to say this is the most excited I've been about designing marketing materials ;•)


  1. That's really exciting Melissa! Congrats!! The clothing labels are great…I'm sure you will do well having your clothing in a shop!

  2. Congrats Melissa - this is a huge step forward, and you're definitely right; you're stuff will showcase much better in a B&M store.

    Best of luck!